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Tricolour Fruit Salad with Lemon, Ginger, Mint and Agave Dressing

This Fruit Salad was the perfect end to a food filled evening! I served this at the dinner party for my dad (see my last post for a tapas recipe) and it was exciting enough to be a talking point but light enough to not be too much at the end of the night (although I did serve it along side a huge cake and sorbet hehe). Having a dinner party can be really expensive so I decided to combine the fruit I had bought for the Sangria with the fruit for this salad, this meant I didn’t have to spend money on tonnes of different varieties of fruit! Peaches, apricots and strawberries are perfect for both sangria and Fruit Salads and then I added blueberries just because they are my favourite!

Everyone actually really liked the fruit combination because you would normally expect things like melon, grapes and orange which can over power and water down a fruit salad. The addition of ginger, mint, lemon and agave made it that extra bit special.


It also made the most perfect breakfast the next day piled on top of some gluten free muesli, the flavour intensified after marinating in the fridge overnight. I would recommend making this quite fresh for a dinner party though to keep the fruit at its best, the next morning the fruit was quite limp and soggy!!

Serves 6-8

3 Peaches
2- 3 Apricots
1 punnet Strawberries
1 punnet Blueberries
Small bunch of Mint
1 inch fresh Ginger
1 lemon (juice and zest)
Big spoonful Agave Syrup

Wash and chop the fruit into bite size pieces. Finely chop the mint, grate the ginger and zest the lemon. Mix these in with the fruit then squeeze in the juice of the lemon and add the agave. Give everything a good stir and pop in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

Don’t forget to make extras for your breakfast!!

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