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Rice Noodle and Lychee Salad with a Sweet Chilli Dressing


Perfect served with a light lime cut beer and plenty of bank holiday sunshine!

I want to start by congratulating my best friends Stacey and Adam who got married on Saturday! I’m still smiling from the beautiful day which started with an intimate ceremony in Sheffield followed by a brilliant party which was full of their design flare, elegant style and plenty of wine and dancing!

Since it is bank holiday we decided to make a little holiday of it and so we stayed in Sheffield until this afternoon. There was plenty of indulgence over the weekend so once we got home today I really wanted to eat something light and fresh but I didn’t quite have the energy to go to lots of effort. I had some leftover salad items in the fridge which had survived our weekend away and I had picked up some lychees because they were on offer on the way home.

My intention was to snack on the lychees to stop me from eating the crisps I knew were hidden in the cupboard but then I remembered how nice my apple and walnut salad was and I decided to have a go at including lychees into a salad. Rice noodles are perfect to bulk up a salad and I added the radishes to inject a little colour 🙂


Fully dressed vs naked lychees


Don’t forget to take out the stone!

Lychees are a strange little fruit which taste really sweet with a little hint of honeydew melon! They have a spiky skin but their flesh is very soft and they have a shiny brown stone in the middle which needs removing.

You can buy canned lychees but I haven’t tried them before so I can’t say whether they are nice or not. In my opinion you can’t beat fresh lychees, especially as the canned ones might be stored in syrup!

They match the sweet chilli sauce perfectly as it brings out their sweetness yet there is heat which I think makes it a bit more interesting. I just used shop bought sweet chilli sauce but I added lime juice and ginger for a zingy more authentic taste.


Fresh, fruity and spicy!

Serves 2

Dairy free, Gluten free, Vegan, Fruity and slightly exotic!

1 nest (or enough to serve 2) Rice Noodles
1 small Gem Lettuce (or two really big lettuce leaves)
1/2 Cucumber
4 Radishes
6 Lychees
2 tblspn Sweet Chilli Sauce
1 Lime (juice only)
1 inch piece of Root Ginger

Boil the noodles for 5 minutes until cooked then drain them through a fine sieve and run some cold water through them to quickly cool them down. Leave them to drain whilst you prepare the salad.

Slice the lettuce finely, dice the cucumber and slice the radishes then toss with the noodles in a bowl and place onto a plate.

Peel, de-pip and slice the lychees in half and scatter around the salads.

In a bowl mix the sweet chilli sauce, lime juice and finely chopped or grated ginger and then spoon over the salads so the whole dish is evenly coated. You could also mix the dressing into the bowl when you toss everything together but I like it drizzled on top!


This salad would also be nice with some spring onions but I didn’t have any 🙂 I think I would add them to the dressing next time!

Have you ever tried lychees in a salad before? What’s your favourite way to use a lychee?

I love hearing what you all have to say!

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