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Vegan MoFo 2013 Begins! My Theme….

british veganThat’s right, this year I am focusing my Vegan Month of Food on the UK!!

There are so many classic British dishes that conjure up memories from my childhood.. toad in the hole smothered in gravy, sunday roasts with crispy potatoes, apple crumble and custard! When researching ready for this challenge I realised that not many of them are vegetarian, let alone vegan!! So I thought it was about time we had somewhere that you could find all your British Classic faves but in vegan form!

I am really sticking to the very stereotypical classics. Over the next month I plan to veganise my old favourites such as sausage and mash, cottage pie, rhubarb fool, creamy potato salad and plenty more!

I also noticed that traditional British food isn’t very…. erm…. healthy!! There are tonnes of recipes which focus on pastry, potatoes, meat, gravy and cream so I’m going to be lightening the food up a bit as well. Eating vegan and plant-based foods are naturally lighter and there is no doubt they make you feel amazing, so wouldn’t it be great to tuck into a big bowl of creamy potato salad and actually feel healthy afterwards! :)

So I hope you enjoy this next month, please do note that the Vegan MoFo challenge is to post at least 20 times over the next month so I am planning on posting every weekday until October. Sorry if this means you get lots of emails from me, hopefully you will enjoy them!

To see the full Blog Roll for 2013’s Vegan MoFo and to check out who else is participating please click here

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