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A VegHotPot Dinner Party! What I cooked and How it went.

On Saturday we had my mum and her partner around for dinner and I decided to kick start the new year and celebrate my newly renewed cooking inspiration by creating the whole menu from VegHotPot recipes!! It took a while to choose but after narrowing it down by season and course this is the menu I finally settled on:


Parsnip and Apple Soup with Brussel Sprout bread.

Brussel Sprout Flat Bread

Brussel Sprout Flat Bread

I knew I definitely wanted to make my brussel sprout bread because I have been telling my mum about it and she was curious to know what it was like. I have told lots of people about this recipe and most people’s reaction is that they won’t like it because they don’t like brussel sprouts, however when I explain the ingredients pretty much everyone then wants to try it! Thankfully it went down well, with everyone deciding that the mustard kick worked well with the sprouts and the sweet soup.

The recipe for this soup was first posted in January 2012 but I have made some small changes and updated the photo so will be reposting this on monday! Do come back to see the improved recipe or click on the link above to see the original!

Main Course:

I wanted to keep the night quite casual so I chose to make my lentil and spinach meatballs with spaghetti pasta. This created a lot of conversation about the colour, the lemon used and the name (meatballs… or maybe meatlessballs!) The meatballs are a brilliant bright green colour so visually looked interesting against the tomato sauce and pasta! This is because of the spinach puree I add to the lentils, which earlier in the day I had managed to get all over myself and the kitchen because I pressed go on the blender without the lid on!! haha disaster!

Lentil and Spinach meatballs

Lentil and Spinach meatballs

I used quite a lot of lemon in this batch and I think everyone was surprised to taste such a strong lemon taste. Although it was expressed that they enjoyed the lemon I think next time I will definitely reduce the amount I use. I found it a little over powering.

This is part of the reason why I was so keen to make recipes from my blog too, it’s not often that once practised and posted I make something again as I’m on to the new recipe I am trying to perfect. This gave me an opportunity to not only try it out again but also to get some real feedback.

My meatballs did not turn out quite so round due to the fact that I cooked 12 in one pan and I had a glass of wine by that point, but they were still delicious 🙂

I served it with my favourite green bean salad which I made a huge batch of so I could have it for leftovers all this week!

Mediterranean Green Bean Salad

Mediterranean Green Bean Salad


I’m really rubbish at puddings, we just don’t eat them and it’s always an after thought when it comes to dinner parties etc. So I kept it simple with my favourite fruit salad dressed with ginger, agave and mint.

Fruits with Lemon, Ginger, Mint and Agave

Fruits with Lemon, Ginger, Mint and Agave

We also got out a few boxes of chocolates we had accumulated over christmas and shared those out but by pudding everyone was pretty full!

The night finished with everyone writing a note to go into our 2014 memory jar! The idea is to fill it with notes from friends or to note down happy times and moments, then when the end of the year comes around again we will open it up and remember what a great year we’ve had! I haven’t peeked at anyones note even though I was tempted!

Finally, I forgot to mention the 5th member of our dinner party – gorgeous Lottie, my mums dog!


8 thoughts on “A VegHotPot Dinner Party! What I cooked and How it went.

  1. Well done Becky for being a surperb hostess, a great daughter and for giving us such a relaxing evening – the food was really lovely and so special because it was all from your own recipes The brussel sprout flatbread was a real surprise, We enjoyed it a lot and the mustard added a complimentary ‘bite’ to it. Please don’t think there was too much lemon in the ‘meatless balls’ as we absolutely love lemon and i did not think there was too much (for me). The meal was seasonal with a twist and and the dessert was great, beautifully presented, unusual ingredients – i can’t get over the fact that you can get anything at any time in the UK – in France it is primarily french & seasonal food on offer.We are looking forward to the next invite and what surprises that will bring!

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  3. Everything looks great and the fruit salad particularly gorgeous! I am loving your idea of the memory jar…that will be so much fun to look through next New Year’s Eve!! I may have to steal the idea 🙂

  4. How fun! I get so excited about the prospect of cooking for guests although I’m always a little nervous about how vegan food will be received. Love the look of that Brussels sprouts flatbread!!

  5. Looks excellent 🙂 I especially love the look of those spinach balls. I will be trying them ASAP but will take your lemon reduction on board 🙂 Cheers for the excellent share and I am glad you had a great time with your parents 🙂

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