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Live Below the Line – Day 3

Isn’t it annoying how when your told you can’t have something you want it even more? I lay in bed last night thinking of all my favourite cereals, even though I hardly ever normally eat cereal!!

Today was another repeat of porridge around 9am, split pea soup around 12.30- 1pm, a banana around 3pm and my mixed rice dinner around 8pm. It’s the time inbetween lunch and dinner which is the hardest for me, I find myself hitting a slump which even a banana cannot get me out of. I managed to save some leftovers from last nights rice to eat later this afternoon because I have to go and clean my old house ready to hand the keys back and I am going to need some energy!

I will also run out of kidney beans and tomatoes tonight! So I popped to the shop today with the remaining 27p and browsed the reduced aisles and budget brands looking for inspiration. Dinner for the next two nights was going to end up being half a can of spaghetti with some veg so ideally I wanted to try find another meal, and that I did!! I got this potato for 12p and the baked beans were reduced to 15p! Yay!

LBTL Beans

I’m feeling really hungry! I’ve also lost 3 pounds since monday which made me curious about how many calories I am consuming each day. Obviously a lot less than usual! I feel like I’m doing to 5:2 diet but the wrong way round!

So, is there anything I would have done differently? YES! I spent 27p on two carrots and an onion when I could have just used some of the frozen veg to make the soup. I also have a lot of rice leftover so that could have bulked the soup out further if need be. I probably would have tried to squeeze in some eggs as a mid afternoon snack or a break from porridge, I am thinking that a hard boiled egg would be perfect as a little pick me up.

I’d also liked to have had time to visit the market instead of big supermarkets, if (when) I do this challenge again I hope to have more time to really shop around for more fresh vegetables, I am missing green food!!!!

Don’t forget to check out what others are eating by visiting the #livebelowtheline tag on twitter! Or if you want to learn more about the challenge or Concern Worldwide, the charity I am raising money for) please click on the links. To sponsor me please visit

Thank you to everyone for your lovely messages and support so far! Day 3 has definitely been the hardest so far!

3 thoughts on “Live Below the Line – Day 3

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  2. You made it through “hump Wednesday” as we call it in work, always the hardest, congratulations! Only 2 days to go, you’re doing brilliantly!

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