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Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl – Vegan MoFo 2014

pina colada smoothie

This is a nice simple smoothie recipe based on a cocktail I love – Pina Colada! The flavours captured here are coconut and pineapple and then I added banana for a smooth texture.

Well made Cocktails are always really pretty so I decided to jazz my smoothie bowl up with some edible decoration of kiwi hearts, banana discs and a line of chia. You can add whatever you fancy!

Serves 2

2 Bananas
200ml Coconut Milk
1 Small Can Pineapple Chunks in juice

1 Kiwi, 1/2 banana and chia seeds to garnish.

Drain off most of the juice from the pineapple. Blend the bananas, coconut milk and pineapple chunks until smooth.
Then add a little bit of the pineapple juice if desired.
Pour into a bowl or glass and decorate

I didn’t add rum but why not freeze the bananas to make the smoothie ice cold and add a splash of rum for a very indulgent smoothie!

pina colada smoothie2

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