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Vegan and Gluten Free Banana and Oat Cookies: Peanut Butter or Choc Chip (4 Ingredients!)

Keeping the Vegan MoFo pudding vibe going whilst I take a tiny break from the kitchen. These 4 ingredient cookies were such a huge hit with my friends and family so I know you will all love them again! x


DSC_1609 Very simple and quick to make!

These cookies were inspired by a variety of Pinterest ideas, since making my banana flax pancakes I’ve loved the idea of such simple, natural snacks. These cookies are a long way from the chocolate chip cookies in brightly coloured packages you buy in the shops but they are so healthy, satisfying and good for a quick fix. It took me a little while to adjust my untrained palette to appreciate a cookie which isn’t filled with sugar but the ripe banana really did add a lovely sweetness and I enjoyed the soft texture.

I decided to try two different flavours, peanut butter and chocolate chip. The chocolate chip recipe is my favourite because it adds some extra sweetness, however the peanut butter is deliciously rich and tastes very indulgent. You could play around with the sweetness by adding maple syrup/ honey, dried fruits or…

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2 thoughts on “Vegan and Gluten Free Banana and Oat Cookies: Peanut Butter or Choc Chip (4 Ingredients!)

  1. Try adding a few chopped dates or making some date sugar in your oven and adding that. Lots of nutritional benefits, a bit of caramel delicious sweetness and your biscuit is a whole lot more interesting and tasty 🙂

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