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Spring Veg Hot Pot – Virtual Vegan Potluck

Welcome to Veghotpot and hello old friends! I am once again taking part in the ever growing “Virtual Vegan Potluck Party” where 168 Food Bloggers are sharing Vegan dishes including starters, sides, mains,puddings, soups, salads and drinks. If you’ve stumbled across this post and want to start at the beginning then please click here to … Continue reading

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St Georges Day Dinner – Layered Roasted Vegetable Wellington with a Cauliflower Puree

Beef Wellington is traditionally a “Show Stopper” recipe where the host would use expensive beef, foie gras and truffles all wrapped up neatly in pastry. Other versions I have seen include beef fillet, mushroom pate, spinach and even a pancake wrapped around the beef to retain its moisture. A couple of years ago I was … Continue reading

Layered Savoury Vegan Easter Pie with a Cashew Cream Sauce filling
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Layered Savoury Vegan Easter Pie with a Cashew Cream Sauce filling

To be honest the concept of this dish changed many times before it came to this delicious conclusion. I wanted to create a main course for vegetarians to have for the big Easter meal which is worthy of being called the main event and may even make those tucking into spring lamb feel jealous. It … Continue reading

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Lentil and Chickpea Cottage Pie with Sweet Potato Topping

Comfort food? Again! Yup! A lot of my recipes are definitely classed as comfort food but with a healthy twist. I love traditional recipes such as cottage pie, stews, pasta dishes etc but I focus on keeping that foodie cuddle it gives you without the extra fat. I keep everything vegetarian on here and I … Continue reading

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Potato, Spinach and Sweetcorn Chowder Pie: A recipe revisited

To continue the theme of this first birthday month I have got another “Fix that dish” post where I have taken a recipe from my early blogging days which I felt could be improved and I have re-made it using my new knowledge and food ideals. Last week I freshened up my Quesadillas recipe and … Continue reading