Full English Breakfast – Veghotpot Style


St Georges Day Baked Apple Stuffed with Porridge (GF and Vegan)

Flax and Banana Pancakes are a great breakfast which you can top with all sorts of raw fresh fruits

Flax and Banana Pancakes (GF and Vegan)


Baked Eggs or Baked Avocados

bubble n squeak

Bubble and Squeak with a Poached Egg


Homemade Baked Beans (GF and Vegan)


Kale and Tomato Herb Fritatta (GF)

Tofu Scramble with Grilled Cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

Tofu Scramble with Grilled Cherry tomatoes (GF and Vegan)

Mushrooms and Eggs on toast

Mushroom and Rosemary on Eggs (GF)

eggs on toast

Eggs with Asparagus and Fresh Tomato Sauce (GF)

spinach pancakes

Spinach Pancakes

All day breakfast tortilla

All Day Breakfast Tortilla


Mushroom and Mixed Herb Fluffy Omelet

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