Bread / Friday Challenge / Wraps/ Rolls and Tacos

Hazelnut and Apricot Bread Rolls (The Naked Chef): Friday Challenge!

For Christmas I was given a few of the same cookbooks so I returned one and found Jamie’s first 4 cook books on sale for the same price as the book I was returning! They are quite retro and you can see how Jamie has evolved and improved however I love them! You can buy … Continue reading

Chocolate / Friday Challenge / Puddings

Warm Gooey Chocolate Cakes (Leon Baking Cookbook): Friday challenge!

I love reading the LEON Cookbooks because they are more like a scrapbook than a recipe book, they give you tonnes of information on the ingredients, the story behind the recipes and of course some great photos! I knew I’d find something good for my chocolate challenge in their “baking and Puddings” book and I … Continue reading