Layered Mushroom and Cannellini Bean Vegan Easter Pie
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Layered Mushroom and Cannellini Bean Vegan Easter Pie

I’ve only gone and done it again…. Vegan, Easter, Pie! I am spending Easter with family and offered to bring something around as the vegetarian option, initially I decided to make the Layered Lentil and Cashew Cream Easter Pie from 2013, however my Aunt (the only other vegetarian) has a nut allergy so that was … Continue reading

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Mixed Bean and Pea “Garden Burger” – Vegan and Gluten Free!

Hellooo new bean burger! I have a feeling this will be the year of the bean burger and I plan to dive into the journey and be as creative as possible! That’s the beauty of a vegetarian burger, the possibilities are absolutely endless!! This burger is called a “garden burger” because it is made of … Continue reading

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Canapes Two Ways: Bean Puree Bruschetta and Mixed Mushroom Polenta – Virtual Vegan Potluck!

I love canapes! I love being at an event where people are walking around with little trays of delicate little bite sized treats or at a party where canapes are more of a “finger food” buffet. I think it’s because without eating a huge meal you can taste lots of different dishes and experience different … Continue reading