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Curried Coconut Quinoa with Tofu and Green Beans

This is my Friday Challenge own recipe using pretty much everything I have learnt over the last few weeks. I focused on using the curry leaf powder because this is something I had no experience with. It has quite a strong flavour so I toned it down with some coconut, which also made the quinoa … Continue reading

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Plantain and Mango Curry (Simon Rimmer Accidental Vegetarian recipe): Friday Challenge!

  I chose this recipe because I had never used Nigella seeds or Curry leaves before and I was really curious to see what they were like. The recipe is from Simon Rimmer’s vegetarian cookbook ‘The Accidental Vegetarian’ which you can buy here. I haven’t cooked a lot out of it, mainly because my interest … Continue reading

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Raw Masala Carrot Dip (Leon Naturally Fast Food recipe): Friday Challenge!

I decided to focus on spices for October’s Friday Challenge, I have my favourite spices which I use all the time but there are so many I have never tried and wouldn’t know how to blend together. I used a recipe from the LEON; Naturally Fast Food cookbook. It’s such a brilliant book with hundreds … Continue reading