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Braised Cabbage with Butter Beans: Meat Free Monday

As usual this is a recipe which started with just an image in my mind of the end product but I had no idea how to get there! I love cabbage but I’ve never cooked it in wedges before so I decided to just get all of my intended ingredients out and follow my instincts. … Continue reading

Curry / Gluten Free / Lentils / Main Course / Meat Free Monday / Vegan

Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic Dhal: Meat Free Monday

I really like making Lentil Dhal’s as they are quite simple and really healthy but filling! You can use all different kinds of lentils but I always use red lentils as they are so easy to find and not expensive. I came up with this idea after seeing the Romanesco Cauliflower in France and thinking … Continue reading

Beans/ Legumes / Gluten Free / Lunch / Main Course / Meat Free Monday / Vegan

Beany Chilli and Jacket Potato: Meat Free Monday

Keeping it very simple today and suggesting a nice healthy fulfilling beany chilli as a Meat Free Monday meal! Everyone has their own version of chilli, it’s one of those recipes where you can often use up whatever is left in the fridge and it will still taste amazing! I don’t like mine to be … Continue reading

Curry / Meat Free Monday / Vegan

Twice Baked Curried Sweet Potatoes: Meat Free Monday

l love this recipe, the added flavours just enhance the Sweet potatoes and create a really interesting dish. This makes a lovely main meal with a really nice salad (abit more interesting than the one photographed), you could add avacado’s, cucumber, tomatoes, celery and even some raw brocolli and cauliflower thinly sliced! You could also … Continue reading