Pumpkin and Greens Lasagna with Butterbean sauce: Meat Free Monday
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Pumpkin and Greens Lasagna with Butterbean sauce: Meat Free Monday

Remember back to my post about cheese alternatives I mentioned using white beans such as butter beans to create a mock cheese sauce? Well this recipe is a great example! This lasagna has been a work in progress for a while but I think it is now good enough to be showcased! I love the … Continue reading

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National Curry Week 8th – 14th October: An easy way to celebrate vegan foods!

If your thinking of making the transition into becoming vegan then one of the easiest cuisines to begin with is curries! Spices, Lentils, Grains, Vegetables and Beans all lend themselves fantastically to the world of vegan food. Making curries from scratch can be a lot easier than you think, especially basics like dhal’s or tomato … Continue reading

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BBQ no. 2 – Giant Cous Cous Salad, Sundried Tomato Humous and Beetroot Burgers!

We were really excited this weekend because we have been living in a house with a garden for over a year now and we are finally having a BBQ! Last year was very hectic and we didn’t invite people over for the first few months over summer because we had lots of belongings in boxes … Continue reading

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Spring Vegetable, Goats Cheese and White Bean Pie: Meat Free Monday

I wanted to make a special dinner for me and Scott which we could both enjoy and would feel like a treat. We’ve been really healthy recently getting ready for the summer so we definitely deserved it! I’ve been wanting to use filo pastry again for a while because there are so many different things … Continue reading