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Veghotpot goes travelling! (for 2 weeks) and I’ve planned a little surprise for you all!

Hello world!

I’m sorry to leave you all again but tomorrow me and Scott are flying to Montreal to start our long-awaited honeymoon! We got married in October but had always wanted to wait before going away so we could save up a bit, plan properly and have something to look forward to!

So first stop – Montreal! I am looking forward to beautiful scenery, botanical gardens, relaxing walks and hot weather!

Next we head to Toronto where we will do a lot of sight-seeing, a brewery tour, some comedy shows and live music and whatever the city throws at us! I’ve found quite a few vegetarian restaurants too so I am really excited to try them out. We will also be heading over to Niagara falls for the day to have a helicopter ride (nervous but excited!)

And we end the honeymoon in New York where we very much expect the city to speak for itself when it comes to what to do! We plan to be complete tourists, see as much as we can AND we have tickets to see Iron Maiden supported by Alice Cooper which will definitely be a highlight! What a month for music aye (today I bought tickets to see KISS when we get back so I’m a very very happy Becky!)

I have still got my Artichoke finale posted for you all so you can see the recipe I came up with, having less time to cook all of the recipes actually made me learn more. It was like an intensive artichoke lesson! I really hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment as I will look forward to seeing what you all think when I return!

AND the surprise is that my wonderful mother will be taking over my Meat Free Monday’s whilst I am away! She has always been an inspiration to me and she is an amazing cook who loves entertaining guests, throwing dinner parties and being creative in the kitchen. So I hope you all enjoy the recipes she will be sharing 🙂

I’ll be back in July! x x x

5 thoughts on “Veghotpot goes travelling! (for 2 weeks) and I’ve planned a little surprise for you all!

  1. Wow what a honeymoon! Have a great time, & I’m sure your mum will take good care of your blog till your return. Look forward to seeing your photo’s.

  2. I lived in Toronto for 5 years and Fresh is m favorite veg spot, AMAZING! Go to Fresh on Bloor on Bloor and Spadina, then you can walk west on Bloor, check out a Fringe festival show and enjoy one of the hippest neighborhoods in T.O., the Annex. Enjoy!

  3. Have a wonderful time, Becky! I’ve been to Toronto and New York, so I know that you will love them both 🙂 And from what I hear, Montreal is the Paris of North America – sounds good to me! Hope to see photos from your trip on Twitter.

    And I’m looking forward to “meeting” your mom – very cool!

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