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Halloween Party Food – Savoury Dishes to Gross out your Guests

Spaghetti Bolognese in individual portions

Spaghetti Bolognese in individual portions

Halloween has always been an event in the UK but it is definitely becoming more of the big celebration it is in America. When I was younger me and all my friends, accompanied by my friends dad, used to go out trick or treating down our road. Neighbours would have been pre warned (not that we knew that) and some would try to spook us by jumping out from behind a tree when we entered their garden or dressing up in costumes to scare us.

I remember one year our “trick” for anyone who wouldn’t give us sweets (aka poor adults who had been asked to let us play a trick) was to get a matchstick box and pretend there was a spider in it, when it was actually filled with flour. The person would be invited to lean down to peek inside the box to see the spider and as you slid the lid open you would blow sharply to send a cloud of flour coating the surprised victim! I got told off a few times for blowing too hard and filling their hallway with a layer of white flour. hee hee.

Cheesy Spinach "Mouldy" Polenta

Cheesy Spinach “Mouldy” Polenta

Another Halloween memory from my childhood was a great party my mum threw, the games included “mummies hide and seek” where you partnered up and it was a race to wrap your partner up in loo roll until they were a complete mummy then you had to run and hide. Your mummified partner would then count to 50, burst out of their paper constraints and try to come find you. The last to be found was the winner!

There was also apple bobbing and “Flour mountain” which was a game where you put a mountain of flour on a plate (use a large bowl as a mold) with one sweet placed on the top. Each party guest took it in turns to take a spoonful of flour from the mountain without letting the sweet fall. Whoever made the sweet fall down had to place their hands behind their back and try to pick up the sweet using only their mouth! There were lots of messy faces with this game!


Scatter pumpkins around for extra decorations

For Halloween this year we decided to have a few people over as part house-warming/ part Halloween party and I decided the theme of the food would be ‘kids party’. I have included two of my ideas in this post so that I can share them before Halloween! I’ll be making the rest at the weekend and will share them on Facebook and twitter!

The “Worms in Mud” is individual portions of my Veggie Spaghetti Bolognese served in foam cups with the spaghetti dangling out the top like worms. I stuck a basil leaf out of the top to make them look more like plant pots ๐Ÿ™‚

The Mouldy polenta is coloured with spinach puree and flavoured with vegetarian parmesan cheese. I served mine to look like they were spilling out of a bin bag (gross!).
To make these you will need to cook the polenta according to the packet instructions (Mine was 50g of polenta to 200ml water and I used 250g polenta to feed 12 as part of a buffet). Then stir in around 70g grated parmesan, garlic, salt and pepper and some pureed cooked spinach and stir well. Pour the polenta onto a baking sheet or large plate and allow to set for approx 1 hour.
Then slice the set polenta into sticks and pan fry in some oil until crispy. Serve hot!

Other food I plan to serve mainly came from pinterest searches and are perfect for an adult worthy Halloween party based on kids party food.

These include
Sausages wrapped in strips of pastry to look like mummies
Scaryย  mini Pizzas
Graveyard Dip
Eyeball Cake pops
Brain shaped Jelly

7 thoughts on “Halloween Party Food – Savoury Dishes to Gross out your Guests

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  3. You could be forgiven for thinking that Halloween didn’t exist here in Australia. Our supermarkets try their hardest to push it every year but we resist…who needs another holiday to spend precious cash this close to Christmas? Only the supermarkets methinks! My daughters have a carving pumpkin that they are hollowing out and I am looking forwards to the next season of “Grimm” that starts tonight but aside from that, Serendipity Farm remains happily Halloween free ;). I DID find an excellent recipe for turnip jam and a back story about the real meaning of Halloween and jack-o-lanterns that were apparently carved out of turnips originally ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. You can’t beat some classic party games. We’ve been trying to think how we can turn them into drinking games haha but it all sounds waaay too messy ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree about the trick of treating, lots of people really frown on it when its big groups turning up to strangers houses! I’ve got some sweets ready just incase though ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We played some of the same games! The mummy game, the flour game and of course apple bobbing. We play the flour game at Christmas too but with a matchstick. I’ve never been trick or treating though and I don’t think it’s anywhere near as common here as in the US still.
    Your “mouldy polenta” is a great idea!

  6. Love the garbage bag prop, too cute! Also that mummy hide-and-seek game sounds really fun, definitely going to use that one ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I cut the corner off a full sized bin bag ๐Ÿ™‚ Going to serve them like this at the party! The game is brilliant, so simple and all you need is some loo roll!

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