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Brighton Food Festival – Spring Harvest Review

On 18th April me and my mum caught the train down to Brighton for the bianual Brighton Food Festival! Spring harvest is in April and the Autumn Harvest is 4th – 14th September. I had been so excited in the build up to the day trip and it didn’t disappoint, we had such a great day and I will definitely be going back for the Autumn festival.

As well as food stalls selling hot and cold meals and snacks there were local producers, Independant Sellers and plenty of entertainment.

We turned up very hungry but before we purchased any food we got side tracked by the Bluebird Tea Company stall. It was a hot day and they were selling iced tea as well as packaged loose tea, matcha powder in different flavours and tea pots.

Iced Tea


I bought the Dozy Girl tea because I have been feeling quite stressed lately and I thought this would help me relax (and it is healthier than a glass of wine in the evening). My mum bought the Morning Kick, which was a bit TOO tangy for her tastes but I really enjoyed the strong flavour. She also bought a tea pot for loose tea which was a great design and is available on their website

Next stop was an intriguing stall called The Protein Bakery. I’m always interested in sweet goodies which are high in protein, it would be a good treat snack on the weekends when I am more active and not just sat at my desk. I was a little put off by the long list of ingredients but it all seems natural and they are gluten free too! Plus did taste lovely! I tried a chocolate chip blondie and the cookies and taste wise you couldn’t fault them. If you are into protein powders (these contain whey) and you work out then definitely give these a go!

For lunch we had the most amazing curry from a company I think was called Big pan cooking. It was made in a huge pan (funnily enough) and they scooped up portions into foil bowls, topped it with an equally delicious butter bean stew, crispy onions and a super hot lime pickled style chilli sauce. Me and my mum felt really excited and could hardly hold ourselves back from tucking in before we had found somewhere to sit!

Apart from the fact I accidentally swallowed the prong of the plastic fork – of which much drama ensued – it was the perfect lunch to buy from a food festival. Full of flavour, fresh, vibrant and warming.

curry pot

curry sea

To try and ease my throat, and dislodge the fork prong, I desperately searched for something cold, and wow did I find more than I bargained for!!

Boho Gelato first caught my eye with their cocktail menu! I love the fact they had come up with twists on some classic flavours such as gin and cucumber…but in slushie form!! Boho Gelato are a Brighton based icecream parlour with a huge following. They are adventurous with their flavours and offer a wide range of vegan options. I will definitely be going back to try more of their products.

gelato sign


They were selling vegan peanut butter and caramel sorbet which obviously I had to try! It was AMAZING!! I loved that is was vegan yet so creamy and rich in flavour.

vegan icecream

I had a huge smile on my face following this icecream!! Can you blame me? 🙂

icecream cone

horse and cart

The icing on top of the food festival cake was getting to see the chef from my favourite veggie restaurant Terre a Terre do a cooking demonstration. Terre a Terre is renowned for its intricate creative dishes, they amount of flavour and technique in each dish is inspiring.

I didn’t get to see the whole demonstration as we had to catch our train but he showed us how he made noodles made from batter by passing the mixture through a sieve straight into boiling water. Very impressive!

cooking demo

Finally, just because I couldn’t resist….and was feeling indulgent… We ordered some pink cider and iced cakes and sat on the grass reflecting on the day and listening to the reggae music the DJ favoured. The cider was from Wobblegate, a Sussex based Cider and Apple Juice company. It was lovely, medium-dry, robust and full of flavour.

cider sign

cider and treats

It really was just a beautiful day, great food, amazing weather, brilliant people and lovely to spend a day with my mum! I love food festivals and would recommend the Brighton Food Festival to anyone, Brighton is an amazing city to visit on any occasion but it was great to be there from a purely foodie aspect 🙂

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