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Mexican Chopped Salad with Corn Chips and Salsa

I try to make my lunches for work as interesting as possible, it gives me something to look forward to during the morning and it’s important that it fills me up for the afternoon but doesn’t make me feel sluggish or bloated (I sit at a desk all day so I hate feeling uncomfortable). I mainly stick to soups or salads, I find a sandwich is too easy to grab and eat early leaving me with no choice but to buy more food! I eat a lot of “Chopped Salads” because you can add anything you like and it gives a great variety of textures and flavours, usually I chuck a bit of everything in but this week I made it a themed salad – Mexican!

I love black beans and they are a key mexican food ingredient, I then freshened it up with red peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado and sweetcorn. I was really pleased because I found out that the Green Giant brand (ho ho ho) do organic sweetcorn! I do like a bit of organic produce in my salad! 🙂

I also bought some gluten free Corn Chips (or tortilla chips) to go with it. I looked up the difference between corn chips and tortilla chips because I actually just thought “Corn Chip” was the American name for a Tortilla Chip…but it’s not! It seems so simple now but corn chips are made from corn meal and tortilla chips are made from flour…ta da!

Since I pack my lunch the night before I found that when it got around to lunch time my corn chips had gone soggy (I just piled everything into one box – there’s a photo on my facebook!), I didn’t really mind but if you want them crispy then I would pack them separately and add once eating. If you are eating your lunch at home and therefore have a plate then you can just serve it up nicely like I have for this post 🙂

I also bought a tomato salsa instead of making one myself, I got a hot and spicy one but you can also buy mild varieties. All together this salad was really delicious and everyone at work checked it out and made mmmm noises! That’s always a good sign!

You can really make a chopped salad using anything left over in your fridge but here is my recipe for the mexican black bean salad. You could also add red onion, chillis, olives etc but I left all the smelly things out for the sake of my colleagues!

Serves 2-3

Vegan, Gluten Free, Work Lunch, Will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days

1 Can Black Beans (Drained)
1 Can Sweetcorn (Organic prefereably)
1 Red Pepper
1/2 Cucumber
1 Avocado
8 -10 Cherry Tomatoes or a couple of large salad tomatoes
Small Bunch Parsley

Tomato Salsa
Corn/ Tortilla Chips
Watercress/ Salad Leaves

Place the black beans and sweetcorn in a large bowl. Chop the Red Pepper, Cucumber, Avocado and Tomatoes quite small and mix in to the bowl. Finely Chop your Parsley and also mix that in.

Serve on top of lettuce or watercress, scatter around the corn chips and top with plenty of tomato salsa!

This is a really great filling but low calorie lunch which keeps me going through until dinner but doesn’t make me feel like I’ve eaten too much! 🙂

What’s your favourite packed lunch to take to work? Do you bring lunch or buy lunch?

5 thoughts on “Mexican Chopped Salad with Corn Chips and Salsa

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  3. 3 in a row, you are on a roll! Yummy looking salad that I would eat for my evening meal. (Should I tell her I pinned this? Nah…let her remain blissful in her ignorance…)

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