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Pelagonia Pumpkin Jam – Product review and recipes

I was sent a free jar of Pumpkin Jam from Pelagonia (after a few twitter conversations about how amazing it looked!) and although they didn’t ask me to do a product review I’m a food blogger so I can’t help myself! Here is a link to their website where you can see how to buy the jam and other products in their range – here!

The first thing I thought when I received the jam was how amazing the colour was, it’s so vibrant and bright! I wondered if there was anything unnatural in the jam to enhance the colour but the only ingredients are pumpkin, sugar, orange and raisins so this was an added bonus to me.

The next thing to do obviously was try the jam! I spread it on a slice of toast….this is what your meant to do with jam right? I’ll be honest I haven’t eaten a slice of toast with jam in years! It looks so lovely and bright and when I tasted it it was light and very sweet. It’s hard to describe but the jam had a savoury note of pumpkin with a rich sweetness coming through which balanced it out. I really liked it but the only criticism I have is that I think more than one slice of toast would be a bit sickly sweet, however that is my own opinion as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

I also tried this jam in a few other ways and I think using it with other flavours works extremely well. I loved how it could be used a sweet or savoury (something they point out on the jar).

The first thing I tried was to make a crostini/ canape with a slice of baguette, some spinach leaves, pumpkin jam and some feta cheese. I piled it all on to the baguette and put it under the grill for a few minutes to toast the edges of the bread and to melt the cheese slightly. I love feta because it’s quite salty and when grilled it goes gooey inside but still keeps its shape. Not only did these look pretty I think the flavour combinations were very good! The pumpkin jam was not lost under the feta, infact the sweetness and saltiness were a nice combination.

Second I tried a sweet recipe – porridge made with raisins and dried cranberries (I make my porridge with water not milk), then I stirred a tablespoon or two of jam into the hot porridge and sprinkled grated dark chocolate on the top. This was amazing! The raisins and cranberries gave a nice texture and bursts of sweetness, the pumpkin jam gave a different kind of sweetness and became almost gooey with the heat of the porridge and the chocolate melted and was slightly bitter balancing out the jam! I have to say this is one of the nicest breakfasts which didn’t include eggs on toast that I have had in a long time!

They have other chutneys, roasted peppers and jams which all look equally a nice! So thank you Pelagonia for the jam, I had a lot of fun trying it and will definitely enjoy whats left of the jar 🙂

6 thoughts on “Pelagonia Pumpkin Jam – Product review and recipes

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    • I think Pelagonia is a region is Macedonia where they’re from 🙂 Id never tried pumpkin jam before and it was different from what I was expecting! nice though!
      I LOVE eggs for breakfast, cooked in every way!

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