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British Pie Week! 3rd – 7th March 2014

British Pie week was started as an advertising campaign by ‘Jus Rol’ but has continued on as a brilliant excuse to celebrate the wonderful world of British Pies! ‘Jus Rol’ is a British pastry company that began selling pastry in 1954 and is this year marking it’s 60th anniversary! Jus Rol is the only brand of pastry I use when not making it myself from scratch and is available pretty much everywhere in the UK. It’s an added bonus that all of their pastry except the ‘All Butter’ and ‘Sweet shortcrust’ varieties are suitable for vegans!

Pies aren’t something I eat a lot of however when the mood takes nothing can beat them in terms of comfort and fulfillness! They can be great for winter and summer….and spring… and autumn šŸ™‚

There are many types of pies but they can usually be categorised by either being an open top “filled pie” or a closed “two crust” pie. The first just having a pastry base and the latter having a pastry lid on it as well. Classic pies are usually made with a shortcrust or puff pastry however I have always favoured the lighter option of filo pastry when deciding to venture into the pie world in my own kitchen. In fact doing this round up has made me realise that all I use is filo!! Time to get back in the kitchen and whip up some puff pastry pies!

Here are a few of my favourite pie recipes I have posted over the last couple of years! Click on the photo to be taken to the recipe!


Spring Vegetable, Goats Cheese and Beany Pie

This Spring Vegetable, goats cheese and bean pie was left open to show off all of the delicious spring vegetables such as asparagus and broad beans I have included. It would make a great centre piece at a lunch buffet or picnic! The vegetables are mixed with goats cheese and layered on top of a herby bean puree base.


Potato, Spinach and Sweetcorn Chowder Pie

I absolutely love corn chowder so I couldn’t resist turning it into a vegan pie by thickening the filling and adding a filo pastry lid. This would be delicious with a puff pastry lid too for a more indulgent finish!


Vegan Layered Easter Pie

My Easter pie was featured in the Morrisons Magazine and quickly became one of my most viewed pie recipes! It as a layered filling of herb and garlic carrot puree topped with a leek and cashew cream and puy lentils. All encased in a filo pastry crust.


Sweet Potato and Cheese pie with a Kale Topping

Another open topped pie (they are prettier to serve and photograph). This filling is made from sweet potato, Red Leicester cheese, eggs and milk and the beauty of it is the kale topping which goes crispy in the oven! This is a surprisingly decadent pie considering it’s humble ingredients!

The next two aren’t pies in the traditional sense but I wanted to share them because they are delicious!!


Tofu and Garden Pea Quiche (Vegan)

This quiche is so creamy and full of pea flavour! I love serving this up with a nice ripe tomato salad topped simply with basil and olive oil. It could also e a perfect main meal if served with some new potatoes and steamed greens.

Roasted Vegetable and Cauliflower puree Wellington

Roasted Vegetable and Cauliflower puree Wellington

Finally I am sharing my roasted veg and cauliflower puree wellington….using puff pastry not filo!! This was created to celebrate St Georges day and is my vegetarian twist on a beef wellington. The cauliflower puree keeps is moist and the roasted vegetables flavour soaks into the flaky pastry when cooking! It’s one my favourite ever recipes using pastry!

Whats your favorite pie recipe? Do you use filo as a healthy alternative?

10 thoughts on “British Pie Week! 3rd – 7th March 2014

  1. Woah! So much deliciousness! I really do love pie though I try to keep it as a treat, especially if I’m using jus-rol pastry! I love spreading their puff pastry with pesto and sliced tomatoes in the summer for a quick, healthy dish.
    Your Easter pie and Wellington look especially outstanding.

    • Haha yes they do have to be a treat really don’t they!! That’s why I always use filo pastry too, a little less guilt! I love the pesto and tomato idea, I shall try that šŸ™‚

  2. Pies are a favourite in our house – Cheese and onion is one of my favourites. You can’t beat an apple pie either. Your pies all look delicious especially the roasted veg wellington.

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