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Vegan MoFo: The Final Round-up

Well it’s the end of the month which also means it’s the end of Vegan MoFo! I have enjoyed reading all the other participants interesting (and delicious looking) posts and it’s been very inspiring. Throughout the month I have kept my blog vegan and although not every post has been shouting out loud “I’m doing Vegan MoFo” I feel like the changes I did make have been positive ones. For example, by posting more often I have found that actually it has been exciting to find things to talk about, and when that pressure to post is applied I have actually found myself researching things I want to know more about or coming up with topics I may not have addressed in the past.

I’ve mentioned a few times now that in November I am going to do a personal month on a vegan diet so I decided to set my Vegan MoFo theme as “making the transition”. I feel like I learnt quite a bit from my research and also I have bookmarked tonnes of great recipes to help me through.

Here is what I learnt through my own Vegan MoFo posts (excuse my awful sense of humour with the titles here!):

“Some Gouda Ideas for Cheese Alternatives”

I don’t eat a lot of cheese but when I made a conscious effort to cut it out completely I discovered I eat a lot more than I realised. Even though I am sensitive to lactose a lot of cheeses such as goats cheese and hard cheese’s have never really been off limit to me. I thought really hard about this and realised that without buying “vegan cheese” (which I can never seem to find in the supermarket in the UK anyway!) you can still be really creative. I look forward to lots of avocado toasties, cauliflower sauces and I can’t wait to finally try making cashew cheese!

“Some Udderly Great Ideas for Milk Alternatives”

I’ve been drinking soya milk instead of cows milk for a long time now however after reading very mixed messages about the health benefits of soya milk I decided to research other types of milk available including health benefits and a taste test. I actually think my favourite was oat milk although I am still to make my own almond milk which I can’t wait to do.

“Some Eggcellent Ideas for Egg Alternatives”

Baking is not something I do often but the only things I can make are cakes and biscuits which are packed full of butter and eggs. The whole idea of vegan baking was a scary and alien world to me but I feel like by researching some alternatives to eggs I understand a bit more behind the science of it all. I think transitioning to vegan baking will be something I need to just dive into one day and learn along the way.

“Vegan Sausages: Where are you?!”

I felt a bit silly when I realised that Quorn was not vegan as it in fact is made of eggs. I did a quick search for vegan sausages in UK supermarkets but didn’t find much straight away so I dug around for brands until I found enough to keep me happy in November! As I mentioned in this sausage post, I don’t eat many meat alternatives really but I just find meat free sausages so convenient and a great accompaniment to beany casseroles or mash and onion gravy at this time of year. From all the lovely comments I concluded that Linda McCartney’s range seemed to be the most popular so I have bought a pack but I’m yet to try them!!

and here are some of my most viewed vegan friendly recipes from the month:

Vegan BLT (BBQ Tofu, Lettuce and Tomato)

My answer to one of the most common meaty favourites!

Pumpkin and Greens Lasagna with a Veganย  Butterbean Bechamel Sauce

A different take on lasagna using a butterbean puree to create a thick and creamy bechamel

Vegan Four Seasons Pizza

Spring – Asparagus, Lemon and Chilli. Summer – Tomatoes and Basil. Autumn – Mushrooms, Thyme and Truffle Oil. Winter – Carrot, Coriander and Spices

Butternut Squash “Enchiladas”

A very simple vegan take on a family favourite

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